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Our Fuel UpliftsAdvance Fuels ensures efficient and secure removal of all unwanted oil from your site, as well as a comprehensive tank cleaning service.

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Fuel Uplifts

As part of our dedication to providing the greenest services possible, Advance Fuels offers fuel uplifts onsite at your place of business.

Why Choose Advance Fuels?

  • Fuel delivered professionally on time
  • Low fuel prices direct from our trader
  • Personal account management

A pitfall of running an industrial business can be having surplus quantities of fuel around without a secure and reliable way to dispose of it. A detailed and technical process, our team of highly trained engineers are able to carry out fuel uplifts in the safest and most efficient way possible, reducing oil waste and helping to protect the environment.

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The whole process, from surveying your site and assessing the best way to remove unwanted oil to full tank cleaning once the fuel has been taken away, will be overseen by us, and our personal facilities will ensure that none of the fuel removed will be wasted or disposed of in a harmful way. Get in touch today for more information about our fuel uplift services or a full quote.

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